It was only yesterday we reported that the official website of former British sports car manufacturer TVR had been updated with a holding screen emblazoned with the message “Never Say Never.”

Since then, the site has been updated again, this time with the message “Roaring Back.”

Does this mean we’re about to see TVR return with a new line of sports cars? Perhaps, but we can’t be sure.

What we do know is that the company’s most recent owner, Russian businessman Nikolai Smolenski, has since sold the rights to a British interest.

The information was revealed by Smolenski himself, during an interview with Autocar.  

Separately, a new company called TVR Motor Cars Ltd was also incorporated in the U.K. in April.

Smolenski bought the rights to TVR from long-time owner Peter Wheeler back in 2004. After numerous attempts to produce a range of sports cars at TVR’s Blackpool plant in the U.K., based on Wheeler’s designs, which often called for a lack of electronic nannies such as ABS and stability control, Smolenski came to the realization that it couldn’t be done profitably.

Will TVR’s new owners be able to succeed where Smolenski failed? Hopefully. We're also hoping that any new TVRs are also sold in the U.S. 

Stay tuned for an update. 


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