TVR was one of the more refreshing, yet slightly-mad, sports car manufacturers in the world. Its cars were uniquely styled and offered amazing performance for the price.

But some shied away from the cars, mostly due to the cottage-industry build quality and out-of-place ergonomics. Many many were reluctant to buy them due to the fact that TVR’s more recent models were devoid of electronic aids such as ABS as well as stability and traction control.

Production in TVR’s historic plant in Blackpool, England, came to an end in 2006 and since then there have been numerous attempts to get the plant running again, including having staff switch to building wind turbines for energy companies.

None of TVR’s plans have panned out, but a recent update of its official website provides hope.

As noted by Autofans, the TVR website now has an image of its logo and the inscription “Never Say Never.”

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that TVR is about to announce a comeback, it does appear much more optimistic than the site’s previous inscription of “We support all owners of TVR sports cars by ensuring supply of spares and development of alternative drivetrains. Nevertheless at the moment we do not manufacturer new cars. Any such claims in various media are fake.”

The website is currently registered to a media company called HomePage Media Ltd though it was previously owned by an Austrian firm called TVR GmbH. Based in Vienna, TVR GmbH just a few years ago was offering to upgrade existing TVR Griffiths to TVR Sagaris models.

While we’d love to see new TVRs roll off the production line in Blackpool, as the brand’s last owner Nikolai Smolenski explained in 2012, soaring costs and high expectations from customers have made the prospect unviable.

2004 TVR Sargaris

2004 TVR Sargaris


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