Talk of a new BMW 1-Series sedan being in development (to slot below the future 2-Series, which replaces the current 1-Series as we know it in the U.S.) has been making the rounds for almost a year now. There has even been talk of an M Performance model. But the U.S. won't get the new 1-Series sedan, even if it is built.

Why is that? According to BMW USA CEO Ludwig Willisch, speaking with Automotive News (sub. req.), the 1-Series sedan won't come to the U.S. "in the foreseeable future." That market segment will be handled by the upcoming production version of the Concept Active Tourer, likely to be named the 1-Series GT when it reaches America sometime in 2014.

You have reason to be upset--at least if you like fast, luxurious small cars. In M Sport form, the 1-Series sedan is rumored to get a 300-horsepower variant of BMW's N20 four-cylinder turbo engine. Though it, like all 1-Series models, is expected to be front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive could be a possibility, making it a potential Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG alternative.

Sadly, we won't get to make that choice in the foreseeable future, which could extend through the next seven to ten years based on typical vehicle cycle lengths.



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