The BMW 3-Series sedan, like many of us, has picked up a few additional pounds and inches over the years. Since its launch in 1975, the BMW 3-Series has grown by over 10.5-inches in length, over 8-inches in width and nearly 2-inches in height.

That makes the current 3-Series larger than the E28 5-Series, and very nearly the same size as the E34 5-Series. Worse, it’s gained over 1,100 pounds in the three-plus decades since launch, likely explaining why it skipped its last high school reunion.

Now comes word from Autocar that BMW will soon be adding a “right-sized” sedan to its model lineup in the form of an all-new 1-Series sedan. The car will be launched to counter rivals from Audi (the upcoming A3 sedan), Mercedes-Benz (the upcoming CLA sedan) and, to a lesser degree, even the less-expensive Volkswagen Jetta.

The BMW 1-Series sedan will allegedly offer both four and six-cylinder engine options, and will retain the same front-engine, rear-drive layout as earlier 1-Series models. As with the 3-Series sedans, all-wheel-drive will be an available option, and there’s even talk of a battery-powered electric 1-Series sedan.

Don’t head down to your BMW retailer with cash in hand just yet, since the Bavarian automaker first has to finish the roll out of the new 1-Series hatchback in Europe. Next comes the launch of new 1-Series coupe and convertible versions, both due in 2014. That makes a new 1-Series sedan unlikely before the 2015 model year.