After a highly public meltdown by ex-CEO Dany Bahar, followed by an equally public ousting, Lotus and parent company DRB-Hicom made many reassurances the company was still on track, despite having stopped work on future models.

Now, Lotus has released a video (apparently made entirely in iMovie) proclaiming a dramatic breakthrough in both its model development and product offerings: an Exige S Roadster.

If you're thinking, "hey, that's neither dramatic nor new!" you're not entirely wrong. It is the first time an Exige model has been offered from the factory with a removable roof segment, but it's far from the first of the Elise-Exige family to offer the open-top experience.

We're not complaining, however: the 345-horsepower Exige S promises 0-60 mph runs in 3.8 seconds and typically fantastic Lotus handling thanks to lightweight construction and mid-engined balance.

For the full details on the Exige S Roadster, visit our preview from the car's debut more than a year ago at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.