Jaywalkers are a dire threat to society. At least, that's the apparent conclusion to be reached from an Orlando, Florida police officer's actions.

The officer*, driving his police cruiser*, hit a pedestrian* as the man stood in the crosswalk* against the signal*.

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So far, situation mildly screwed up, but more or less normal--accidents happen. It's what comes next that is surprising*. And deplorable*.

The officer gets out of his car*, appears to talk to the injured pedestrian*, and then gets back in the cruiser and drives off*.

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Later, the pedestrian makes a call to 911*, corroborated by another woman's call minutes after*. In it, the pedestrian tells his simple, but uniquely Floridian, story*.

Perhaps the ultimate lesson to be learned here: cops are people, too*. Sometimes stupid, mean people*.

* = allegedly.