Concept cars are meant to be breathtaking examples of what’s possible, not necessarily what’s practical. Sometimes, concepts are designed for a specific reason in mind, like relaunching an iconic model from years past, or re-igniting a market’s passion for a particular automaker.

Such is the case with the Alfa Romeo Gloria concept, which will debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. Though styled by Master in Transportation Design students from the European Design Institute, in cooperation with the Alfa Romeo Style Center, the Gloria concept is meant to appeal specifically to customers in America and Asia.

Billed as a “sport sedan with decisive lines,” the Gloria would be powered by a V-6 or  biturbo V-8 engine. Its hood carries the shape of the traditional Alfa Romeo shield grille, while the leather straps flowing from the front fenders are meant to evoke the memory of historic Alfas past.

In all, some 20 design students from around the world participated in the project, with one 1:4 scale clay model ultimately chosen for its close adherence to the initial design brief. The experience was meant to closely parallel a real work situation, giving the Masters program students valuable hands-on experience.

Geneva Motor Show attendees will be able to see the full-scale Gloria concept model, and will also be able to “interact” with the design via iPad, changing colors and rims to suit their own tastes.

While we’d love to see the Gloria debut as one of Alfa Romeo’s re-introductory models for the U.S. market, we suspect the design is just a bit too edgy and impractical to see production. Like the 2uettottanta roadster concept, however, we can hold out hope until Alfa Romeo (or its parent, Fiat) officially says no.

We’ll bring you live shots of the Alfa Romeo Gloria concept, as well as the Alfa Romeo 4C, as part of our 2013 Geneva Motor Show coverage.