In 2011, comedian and car guy Rowan Atkinson (best known as Mr. Bean) lost control of his McLaren F1 on a wet road in Haddon, England. The high-dollar supercar reportedly spun several times before sliding backwards into a sign post and tree.

Thanks to the strength of the McLaren F1’s carbon fiber monocoque, Atkinson wasn’t seriously injured in the crash. The F1, on the other hand, required extensive repairs that have only now been completed by McLaren at its Woking, England, headquarters.

As Cars UK tells us, not only did the repairs take nearly two years, but the final bill reached the jaw-dropping amount of 910,000 British pounds ($1,432,340). While we can’t imagine that Atkinson’s insurance company was happy about writing that check, it was far less expensive than finding a substitute McLaren F1.

Though the BMW V-12 engined, 618-horsepower supercar cost a mere 640,000 pounds  ($1,007,360) when new, prices for used McLaren F1s have risen dramatically in recent years. Replacing Atkinson’s car with another clean example would have cost the insurer as much as 5,000,000 pounds ($7,870,000), making the repair seem like a bargain.

While we’re all for supercars being driven as intended, instead of sitting in garages collecting dust as their value increases, the clear message here is this: perhaps cars like the McLaren F1 are best reserved for use on sunny days and dry roads.

We’re glad to hear that Atkinson has been reunited with his beloved McLaren F1, but we wouldn’t want to be on hand when the actor opens up his next auto insurance premium notice.