The secret to endurance racing is the same as the secret to all other forms of motorsport: to finish first, first you must finish. In the Grand Am series, nowhere is that task more difficult than at the Daytona International Speedway for the Rolex 24.

It’s the first race of the season, which means that some drivers are still shaking off the cobwebs from last season. GT class cars run with Daytona Prototypes, meaning that there can be a huge differential in speed, and although the event attracts some of the best drivers in the word, it also draws in those with funding and less experience.

Porsche has often been the car to beat in the GT class, since the racing versions of the 911 (like the current 911 GT3 Cup that will be racing this weekend) are both fast and reliable. Speed, after all, isn’t really relevant if your car only holds together for 12 of 24 hours.

For this year’s 51st running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona, Porsche occupies the first four GT class grid spots, and 18 of the GT class’ 34 entries are Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars.
Put another way, over half the field will be driving Porsches, while just six teams will be campaigning the next most popular car, the Ferrari 458 Italia.

The odds for another GT class win are certainly stacked in Porsche’s favor, and we’ll be on hand at Daytona to catch the race as it unfolds. We’ll bring you a full recap on Monday, but if you want to watch the event live, Porsche will be streaming coverage on its website.