The Tesla Model X crossover is the next vehicle expected from electric automaker Tesla. While we’ve seen the exterior styling of the Model X (including its unique “falcon wing” rear doors) prior to this week’s Detroit Auto Show, what’s new and significant is the “interior exploration” that the automaker is currently highlighting.

Tesla hopes to give prospective buyers an idea of the different colors and materials that will likely be available in the production Model X. The example on display blends black and white leather to add contrast to the three rows of seating.

The same dichromatic theme carries over to the dashboard as well, which shares its oversized infotainment display with the Tesla Model S sedan. While we’d opt for a more subdued contrast if we were filling out a Model X reservation form, there’s no denying that the crossover’s cabin is a study in contemporary elegance.

Underneath, the Model X is largely based on the Model S’ hardware, and will come with 60 kWh and 85 kWh battery pack options. All-wheel drive is expected to be an option, though it’s unknown how this feature will impact the crossover’s range.  

Production of the Tesla Model X is expected to begin in late 2013, with deliveries beginning in early 2014. Ordering details have already been released, and Tesla claims to have booked over $40 million in advanced Model X sales.

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