Despite being on sale for a little over a year, the 1,000th Lamborghini Aventador has already rolled off the production line and soon the Italian supercar could be in store to receive its first series of updates. The updates are said to include new technologies aimed at improving the green credentials of the Aventador as well as addressing some issues brought up by current owners.

According to alleged official documents obtained by Sweden’s Auto Motor and Sport, the Aventador will receive cylinder deactivation and engine stop-start tech, revised suspension, new wheel patterns and a refined cabin.

The cylinder deactivation feature is reportedly based on the technology developed by the Volkswagen Group and already in use in models from Audi, Bentley and Volkswagen, while the stop-start feature is said to be supercapacitor-based system that is lighter and faster to start up the engine than a battery-based system--just 180 milliseconds, according to the documents.

During low load situations the 6.5-liter V-12 engine of the Aventador is said to shut off half its cylinders, and then seamlessly ignite them again once the driver drops the hammer. Working in conjunction with the engine stop-start feature, the documents claim the green technology helps improve the Aventador’s fuel economy by about 7 percent. 

Another significant update is revised suspension, which the documents claim is aimed at improving ride comfort of the car without comprising performance.

On top of this expect some new wheel patterns, refined switchgear and an instrument cluster with easier to read symbols.

Lamborghini is also set to introduce the long-awaited Aventador Roadster in the near future, so it’s possible we could see these updates debut alongside the open-top supercar.