If you're anything like us (and we think you are), it's pretty easy to lose a few hours in any given day down a web-searching rabbit hole like the production, use, and benefits of a material like carbon fiber--particularly as it applies to supercars and race cars. Here, we see exactly such a rabbit hole--produced in glorious HD and packaged in a day-saving 8.5 minutes.

You can thank the geniuses at Drive and the man behind Koenigsegg himself, Christian Von Koenigsegg, for this excursion into exotica.

Best of all, this is just the first episode of a nine-part series that will go behind the scenes of many aspects of the production of Koenigsegg's incredible hypercars. Produced at Koenigsegg's HQ in Angelholm, Sweden, the series aims to feel out how a boutique carmaker like Koenigsegg manages to influence the whole automotive world through innovation, precision, and imagination.