Toyota has confirmed it will unveil a new concept car at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show next month, and to help build excitement has released this fiery teaser video.

The only official details are that the new concept will be called the Furia, and it will be sedan.

As the video reveals, the Furia concept looks to be a sporty sedan resembling something straight out of the Fast and Furious movies. Perhaps that’s even where Toyota derived the concept’s name from.

Some of the visible elements in the teaser are a carbon fiber diffuser with integrated exhaust tips, a carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler, sunken headlights, a hexagonal-pattern grille, and angular tail-lights littered with LEDs.  

The few seconds at the end of the short teaser clip show the car’s profile, which looks similar to the NS4 plug-in hybrid sedan concept from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. At the time of its unveiling, Toyota said the NS4 hinted at the automaker’s future styling direction.

As for the Furia, Toyota hasn't revealed whether it previews a future production model, though there’s been some speculation that the platform underpinning the Scion FR-S could eventually spawn a sporty rear-wheel-drive sedan--perhaps a replacement for the Mark X sold overseas?

Of course, we could just be looking at a preview of the next-generation Corolla sedan, which is due for a redesign next year.

We should know more once the Furia makes its Detroit debut. The unveiling is currently scheduled for January 14 at 2:25 pm EST. You can follow our ongoing coverage of the 2013 Detroit Auto Show in the meantime via our dedicated show page.