Woodworking is not a skill deemed essential by most modern automakers, but very little about the Morgan Motor Company falls into the “modern” category.  Between its hallowed factory walls, craftsmen still work by hand with materials like ash wood, aluminum, leather and mohair.

In fact, even the style of Morgan automobiles hasn’t changed much over the past fifty or sixty years, though its cars have begrudgingly embraced modern technologies like automatic transmissions, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and computer-controlled engine management systems.

Morgan sports cars may not have the flash or brand status to appeal to those wearing the latest fashions, but there’s an undeniably timeless appeal to its cars. They may be made of similar materials to more contemporary rides, but somehow Morgans have always felt more organic. You know they were built by human hands, not by robots.

Morgan’s latest Plus 8 is a prime example. The ash-framed roadster is the lightest V-8 passenger car in the world that still meets EU safety regulations, and it offers nearly as many bespoke options as a Rolls-Royce. Building one takes the craftsmen at Malvern a full month from start to finish, which no modern automaker would allow as a viable business plan.

Thanks to the above video, produced by Britain’s The Telegraph, you can now see that wondrous, month-long process condensed into just two minutes. If this video doesn’t sell you on the joys of owning a Morgan, we don’t know what will.