Rolls-Royce knows how to please customers within a given market segment. In the past year, it’s introduced a Year of the Dragon Phantom special edition for China, shown an Art Deco range of bespoke models at the Paris Auto Show and debuted its Aviator Collection Phantom Coupe at Pebble Beach.

When it come to ultra-luxury cars, unique design and limited production are major selling points. The latest Rolls-Royce creation to carry on this theme is the “One Thousand and One Nights Ghost Collection,” designed specifically for customers in the Middle East.

Featuring warm two-tone paint schemes in a matte finish, the limited production Ghost models sport hand-painted coach lines, and display the Arabic words for “One Thousand And One Nights” in honor of the regional literary classic.

In the words of Geoff Briscoe, Rolls-Royce’s director for the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, “A Rolls-Royce is the perfect canvas from which to commission highly individual motoring masterpieces. The One Thousand and One Nights collection is a testament to the ability of our Bespoke designers to take inspiration from a rich array of cultures.”

The collection will be launched in three “chapters,” with the first debuting at this month’s Sharjah International Automobile Show. Subsequent chapters will be revealed in the first and third quarters of 2013.