At January’s 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz will unveil its updated 2014 E Class range, which once again will include a high-performance E63 AMG variant.

The reveal of the new E63 AMG, in particular, is very important as this will be the first time that we’ll be seeing the bold new design language planned for future AMG models.

Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a sportier look for its own models in the hope that it will attract younger buyers, so to ensure the AMG models still look the sportiest in the automaker’s lineup, the cars will start to look much more aggressive.

Also prompting the design change at AMG were requests from customers complaining that the AMG Sports Packs offered on regular Mercedes models looked too similar to the dedicated AMG cars.

We will be seeing the new look for the first time on the 2014 E63 AMG, with other AMG models, including the 2015 C63 AMG, set to follow. The main feature will be a hyper-aggressive front bumper dominated by a blacked-out air dam stretching almost the entire width of the car. As one insider suggested, the new styling will make the 2014 E63 AMG look like a DTM racer built for the streets.

Few changes are expected under the hood, as the E63 AMG received AMG’s latest twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8 only two model years ago. Currently in the E63 AMG, the engine produces 518 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque in standard guise, or 550 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque when fitted with an available Performance Package. It’s possible output of the standard version will be increased slightly to close in on the BMW M5’s 560-horsepower rating.

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