Ferdinand Alexander Porsche is best known as the designer of the iconic Porsche 911, but his artistic vision extended far beyond the world of the automobile. In 1972 F.A. Porsche founded the Porsche Design Studio, which would ultimately bring trend-setting style to the world of consumer goods.

“Chronograph 1,” released by Porsche Design in 1972, became the world’s first black timepiece and established a style still in vogue today. The pioneering automatic chronograph was matte black throughout, and utterly devoid of styling flourishes found on other contemporary men’s watches.

Porsche Design went on to style eyeglasses, writing instruments, lounge chairs and pipes, too, expanding the brand into a range of high-end lifestyle products. The firm also took on special projects, including a grand piano styled for Bösendorfer in 2003 and an “Alternative Motorcycle Concept” penned in 1980.

Porsche will commemorate 40 years of Porsche Design with a special exhibit at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Running through February 17, 2013, the display will also pay tribute to the life of F.A. Porsche, who died in April of 2012 at the age of 76.

If you're planning a trip to Stuttgart in the near future, details on the Porsche Design exhibit can be found on the Porsche Museum's website.