Z-Z-Z-ZWAP! The original Batmobile from the ‘60s and ‘70s Batman television series sold at auction this weekend for a staggering $4.2 million.

Not bad considering the car it was based on, a one-off 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, was bought for just $1 and transformed into the vehicle you see here for a little over $15,000 over a period of about two weeks.

The Batmobile was sold by its original owner and designer George Barris, who was on hand to witness the sale at a Barrett-Jackson auction taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona. He also offered up memorabilia and original documentation from his archive along with the car.

Barris is said to have been pleased with the result and hopes the new owner, Rick Champagne, a car collector from Arizona, is happy with it.

The particular car, famous for its unique twin-bubble design, stretches almost 19 feet in length and was in the original series as the choice of ride for the original Batman, played by actor Adam West. There was also a seat for sidekick Robin, played by Burt Ward.

Under its glossy-black finish lies a 390 cubic-inch Lincoln V-8 mated to a B&M Hydro Automatic transmission; no, there are no nuclear reactors here.

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