Jost Capito joined Volkswagen in May of 2012 as the head of Volkswagen’s motorsports division. Prior to this, Capito worked at Ford, where he was head of its Global Performance Vehicles group, and ultimately the man responsible for products like the Ford Focus RS.

In other words, he knows a thing or two about making cars go fast, as well as building cars that are slightly over-the-top. Now that he’s settled in at Volkswagen, Whatcar is reporting that Capito wants to expand VW’s performance car offerings, and we say that’s a very good thing.

In addition to getting the Polo WRC car ready for the 2013 Monte Carlo Rally, Capito is expected to take on more responsibility for the development of future production cars. While the Polo R (set to debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show) is a given, we see potential in VW models ranging from the GTI through the Passat and even the Touareg.

Rumors of a higher-performance, lightweight GTI are already circulating, though the car is likely to be limited in production. Could the processes developed for this car (like the blending of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel in assembly) be applied to future VW models? Our guess would be yes.

The key to future performance Volkswagens will be saving weight as much as boosting power, and the lessons learned from VW’s WRC efforts could pay dividends here.

In Capito’s words, “I have always had the view that the production cars have to support and reflect what is happening on the circuits and rally stages. I implemented that at Ford, and that view hasn’t changed now that I’m at VW. By definition it would mean more than the Polo R.”

Capito went on to clarify that his immediate focus is on getting ready for the 2013 WRC season. Beyond that, however, the future for Volkswagen enthusiasts is starting to look bright.