Last month, we brought you an update on the progress of the Huet Brothers coupes, which will be built in both road and race trim. Designed as no-compromise sports cars, the HB Coupe and the HB Coupe Race will be the least-expensive carbon fiber monocoque cars on the market when they hit the streets in 2014.

Prices in Europe will start at 67,800 euros (roughly $88,879) for an HB Coupe with a 2.0-liter, naturally-aspirated four cylinder engine, good for 170 horsepower. That may not sound like much thrust, but the car is only expected to weigh 1,760 pounds, so even the base engine will get the car from 0-62 mph in under five seconds.

A 2.0-liter, forced-induction engine tuned by Cosworth is an available upgrade, and its 255 horsepower should make the HB Coupe impressively quick on the street or on the track. The Huets opted to use four-cylinder engines over the originally-proposed V-6 to keep the car lighter and optimize weight distribution.

The Huet Brothers are proceeding with caution in regards to building the Coupe and Coupe Race. To ensure the company has sustainable growth and doesn’t go the way of Gumpert, production will only begin when a sufficient number of pre-orders are received.

To date, 14 serious pre-orders have been submitted by European customers, but 26 more are needed before production can begin. Thirteen customers in North America have signed on to the waiting list, but cars will be built for Europe first. We think this is a sound strategy, as federalization for U.S. sales can be an expensive and frustrating process.

If we had the money (and a place in Europe), we’d already be on that pre-order list. In this day and age of needlessly complex and bloated sports cars, it’s refreshing to see a company with the desire to build a classic and tastefully executed sports car. If you’re in the market for something unique, why not take look at the Huet Brothers’ website?


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