It’s been three years since we last heard from the Huet Brothers, a Dutch company that dabbles in everything from organized vintage auto tours of Europe to selling limited edition watches to fund new projects.

They build some beautiful, retro-inspired cars, too, as evidenced by the HB Special roadster. Influenced by 1950s-era LeMans racers from Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati, the HB Special was originally headed into production only for client use on Huet Brothers tours.

That’s changed, and the Huet Brothers will gladly build you your own HB Special barchetta sports racer. If an enclosed coupe is more your style, we’ve got good news: the Huet Brothers are back with a new HB Coupe concept, and it’s a stunner.

Like the HB Special, the HB Coupe is retro, and seems to borrow styling elements from Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. The lines are timeless, and it’s likely that the HB Coupe will look as good in fifty years as it does today.

Here’s the catch: the Huet Brothers couldn’t decide between building a fuel-efficient daily driver that would still provide serious entertainment behind the wheel, a race car for the street that sacrificed comfort for performance or an all-out, track-day-only sports car.

As a compromise, they’re planning on building all three. We say “planning on,” since the company needs to raise the funding to do so, and one way is via a group buy for HB branded watches (which, like the cars, are a tasteful retro design).

There aren’t any additional details to share at the moment (except that carbon-fiber appears to be the body material of choice for the coupe), but the Huet Brothers promise an update in the next few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the renderings and video of the HB Coupe, and think about adding a new watch to your collection.


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