Two drivers taking part in a Ferrari cruise in China over the weekend unfortunately met with a very nasty accident, which saw both of their exotics destroyed.

The crash is believed to have occurred on the Baomao Expressway near Shaanxi in Northwest China.

The cars involved were a Ferrari 458 Spider and a Ferrari California, both of them red. The image above shows the body of the 458 Spider with its rear section and engine torn apart. Further back you can just see the wreckage of the California.  

The two cars are alleged to have collided into each other, most likely at high speed considering the damage you see here. While it’s not clear what the exact cause of the crash was, Jalopnik points out that the Ferraris were brand new, so it’s possible a combination of lack of experience and too much speed in wet conditions was the reason. 

There's no word on the condition of the drivers and whether or not they were carrying any passengers at the time.

Head over to Chinese website for more images of the crash scene.