With the introduction of an updated VF Holden Commodore pegged for early next year, HSV, official tuner to Holden, will be introducing its own new models based on the car in the form of the F Series range. Prototypes for HSV’s F Series are already testing in Australia, and according to onlookers the noise emanating from under their hoods has the signature whine of a supercharger.

With HSV’s direct rival FPV having won the power stakes Down Under with its own range of supercharged Ford Falcon GT sedans, the decision to adopt supercharged power for its new F Series is a no-brainer for HSV, especially when Holden’s parent, General Motors, already has several supercharged V-8s in its parts bin.

According to Go Auto, the most likely option for HSV is using the supercharged 6.2-liter LSA V-8 found in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, with which the Holden Commodore and HSV’s model range shares a Zeta platform. While output of the Camaro ZL1’s engine stands at 580 horsepower and 556 pound-feet of torque, for application in the HSV F Series the numbers will likely be toned down.

HSV’s current flagship, the GTS (pictured above), only develops 435 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque, so expect only a gradual rise in output initially, probably enough to just eclipse the 450-horsepower rating of its FPV rival.

Of most interest to U.S. readers is the possibility of this setup being used for the upcoming 2014 Chevrolet SS. You may recall that the previous Pontiac G8 GXP had a similar specification to the HSV models at the time, and it's likely a flagship Chevy SS will have a similar setup to the new HSV F Series.

If the Camaro ZL1’s engine is fitted to the upcoming Chevy SS, we could be seeing a new performance sedan capable of 0-60 runs in under 5.0 seconds and a top speed in excess of 180 mph.