Giving us our best look yet at the next-generation ForTwo and ForFour minicars due out by the end of 2013, Smart has today revealed its new ForStars concept car that’s set to debut at the Paris Auto Show this month. It’s the follow-up to the Smart For-Us pickup concept unveiled earlier this year in Detroit, and shows that Smart’s designers are looking at increasing the size of the ForTwo for the new generation.

Compared to the Smart ForTwo on sale today, the ForStars is 33.7 inches longer, a gain of 30 percent, and it’s also 5.9 inches wider. Most of the additional length comes where it counts, in the wheelbase, which on the ForStars stands at 97.2 inches.

If carried over to the production version, these dimensions should ensure the new Smart is not only more spacious than the current model, but more dynamic as well.

Power comes from the same electric motor installed in the version of the ForTwo Electric Drive developed by German tuner Brabus. This compact unit, which spins the rear wheels, delivers 80 horsepower and 99 pound-feet of torque. It allows the ForStars to reach a top speed of more than 80 mph and draws its juice from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17.6 kWh.

Described as a “sports utility coupe,” the ForStars features numerous storage facilities and even a tailgate typical of a crossover or SUV. This tailgate, along with the roof, is made of glass, giving the cabin a light and airy feel. The exterior, meanwhile, features an Alubeam Rouge color that’s contrasted by the matte finish of the Smart’s trademark Tridion safety cell.

As the vehicle is clearly aimed at the youth market, it also gets modern features such as a video projector integrated in the hood, to allow friends to watch movies together, as well as Bluetooth and iPhone connectivity and customizable seat covers. 

Look out for the Smart ForStars' debut at the Paris Auto Show on September 27, and be sure to follow our full coverage of the event via our dedicated show page.