If you've never been to the Monterey Peninsula during the week leading up to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, you might not be able to fathom the breadth and depth of history, excellence, design, and, sometimes, downright oddity that it encompasses in terms of four- (and two- and three-) wheeled conveyances. From classic Bugattis to coach-built one-offs to the latest in modern supercars, if it's not on display, it's driving the streets--and sometimes it's doing both.

Here, however, we have a somewhat more unusual specimen, even by these standards. Accompanied by its own pint-sized electric-powered cygnet mini-Swan, the 1910 Brooke Swan Car can move its head, release realistic "bird poo", and generally snap necks. It also sticks out like a sore thumb on the Pebble Beach Concours, where it was exhibited this past Sunday.

The Swan Car left an impressions at the show, especially for those that stuck around for the awards ceremony as we did. The owner was encouraged to release the car's excremental payload on the stage as it received a special award during the ceremony Sunday evening, and--yes, that really happened. Despite valiant (and repeated) efforts to clean up the remnants of its mess, one of the elegantly-dressed, high-heel-wearing presenters slipped and fell in the residue shortly after. She gracefully picked herself up and presented the award, but the Swan Car's mark on the show's awards was the same as its mark on the show: humorous, but also somewhat embarrassing.