With 1,400 horsepower on tap, everything happens quickly in Paul Dallenbach's Banks Power Pikes Peak car. When the throttle sticks open, things happen way too quickly. Things like flying off the mountain into a stand of tall pine trees.

That's exactly what this video shows. Amazingly, perhaps as amazingly as Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov surviving their crash largely unscathed, Dallenbach survived his dance with death intact. The car, however, did not. Fortunately, Dallenbach managed to avoid the spectators standing nearby.

According to Dallenbach's Facebook page, he escaped his 130-mph crash with various scrapes and bruises and a few stitches in one hand, despite the car chopping down several trees as it flew off the course.

The short clip above, from a camera mounted on the car's rear wing, illustrates just how quickly things can go wrong, ending in a horrific tumble just 22 seconds from the starting line. Follow the link to see how things look when they don't go horribly pear-shaped.