By now, nearly everyone in the United States, racing fan or not, has seen Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov’s horrific crash during Sunday’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. The driver and co-driver even made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, where Foley admitted that his last thought before the car left the mountain was, “this is it, this is game over.”

Foley’s Evolution Dynamics-prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was destroyed in the crash, but a stout roll cage kept driver and co-driver from serious injury. We’re not eager to suffer a dislocated shoulder, but it certainly beats the other potential outcome of not surviving a plunge off the mountain at speed.

The video above, filmed with an externally-mounted GoPro camera, captures the duo’s plunge from the mountain at the Devil’s Playground. You can hear the tires lose traction and you can hear a mechanical whine (cooling fan or fuel pump, perhaps) as the car sails through space.

At impact, it’s “a big washing machine of pain and violence,” as Kouznetsov so aptly described it to Today’s Savannah Guthrie. As anyone who’s ever been through a violent crash will tell you, the ordeal may last only seconds, but it plays back over minutes in your mind.