Pike's Peak Hill Climb

  • VW ID R Heaven's Gate

    The Volkswagen ID R race car set a new record at China's Tianmen Mountain with a run of 7:38.585.

  • Twin-engined Volkswagen Golf used to race up Pikes Peak
    Meet the crazy twin-engine Golf that VW used for its last Pikes Peak attempt

    It might look like nothing more than a Golf that's been prepped for motorsport duty, but this VW packs a twin-engined, high-altitude secret. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a torturous test of man and machine. Today, the route to the top is fully paved but it wasn't always that way...

  • This 850-hp GT-R powered Ford Focus took on Pikes Peak
    Watch an 850-hp GT-R-powered Ford Focus attack Pikes Peak

    We're calling it a Ford Focus, but that's like calling Robocop a man. There are bits and pieces of him left in the machine, but he's way more cybernetic bits than Alex Murphy human parts. The Focus here essentially takes the A-pillar and front glass from the former economy car, and swaps everything...

  • V-8 powered Alfa Romeo 4C hill climb monster
    V-8-powered Alfa Romeo 4C hill climb car is a serious machine

    We need more hill climb events here in the United States. Why you ask? Well, first off that's a dumb question. Secondly, the reason it's dumb is because you don't understand the sort of twisted, mental machinery that shows up to compete in these things. A properly mad hill climb machine usually...

  • Rhys Millen and his Hyundai Genesis Coupe at the 2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb
    Hyundai Pulls Out Of Motorsport Sponsorship In The United States

    Just days after Hyundai Europe confirmed it would return to the World Rally Championship with a highly-modified version of its i20 hatchback, Hyundai Motor America has announced an end to its motorsport programs in North America. Rhys Millen Racing, which has partnered with Hyundai in Formula...

  • Just before the moment of impact for Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov
    Jeremy Foley's Pikes Peak Crash, From The On-Board Camera: Video

    By now, nearly everyone in the United States, racing fan or not, has seen Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov’s horrific crash during Sunday’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. The driver and co-driver even made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, where Foley admitted that his last...

  • The LoveFab Pikes Peak Hill Climb Acura NSX

    The 2012 running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was delayed from its original July date due to the severe forest fires plaguing the area surrounding Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rescheduled for August 12, the event is shaping up to be a memorable one. Purists will cry “foul,” because the the road to the summit of Pikes Peak is now a continuous ribbon of asphalt. That doesn’t bother us, since we expect it will create even closer competition in the no-holes-barred Unlimited Class. One Unlimited Class entry in this year's running is the 850-horsepower Acura NSX built...

  • U.S.-spec Mitsubishi i-MiEV
    Racer Beccy Gordon To Tackle Pikes Peak In An Electric Mitsubishi

    If Beccy Gordon’s last name sounds familiar, it should. Brother Robby Gordon is an accomplished racer, having driven in series ranging from IndyCar though NASCAR and even the SCORE off-road series. Father “Baja Bob” Gordon was an off-road racing legend, and sister Robyn was the...

  • Walter Röhrl and his Audi Sport quattro S1.
    Walter Röhrl Returns To Challenge Pikes Peak

    In 1987, Walter Röhrl climbed behind the wheel of an Audi Sport quattro S1 on the unpaved road to the summit of Pike’s Peak. From the time Röhrl launched the car on the gravel road, until he broke the beam at the summit, just 10 minutes and 48 seconds elapsed. No driver before or...

  • ford fiesta pikes peak 2009 049
    Video: Ford Fiesta Rallycross preps for Pikes Peak Hill Climb

    Ford's new Fiesta won’t be arriving in local showrooms until early next year, but the company is pulling out all the stops to promote the stylish compact with various motorsport and social marketing campaigns to build excitement. To further this, the Blue Oval recently announced a goal to get...

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