We have to thank the ever-present threat of insurance fraud for Russia's dashcam video boom, or we might never have seen these gun-wielding Russians chasing a hit-and-run driver until it ends in a crash and a foot chase.

If you listen closely near the beginning of the video when the chasing car first pulls up alongside the hit-and-run driver, you can hear the sounds of a handgun being cocked and loaded. The driver of the chase car then seems to threaten the other driver through the window.

After a stop-and-go chase through traffic and another side-swipe or three, the car being chased tries to make a run for it and crashes into another car as the occupants of the chasing car to jump out and follow on foot, guns in hand.

Fortunately, there are no sounds of gunfire on the video, so it seems likely no one died in this incredibly stupid, dangerous display of mutual road rage.

Only in Russia? We certainly hope so.