BMW is reaffirming its commitment to electric cars with the announcement today that its investment arm for future mobility and related green technologies, the New York based BMW i Ventures, is investing in Coulomb Technologies. 

Coulomb Technologies is the company behind the ChargePoint service, a large online network that helps connect electric car owners to available charge points in more than 14 countries.

The service also provides charging station owners with the tools they need to help better manage their charging services, including the setting of prices, payment processing and the monitoring of station utilization and energy costs.

According to Coulomb Technologies, the ChargePoint network is currently dispensing over 577 megawatt hours of energy each month, with drivers plugging in for more than 3,300 charging sessions per day. 

BMW is jumping into the green mobility movement with both feet with the creation of a new sub-brand for electric cars, BMW i, as well as the support of the infrastructure required for the new generation of vehicles. Other initiatives include the roll out of new mobility services such as navigation, route planning, car sharing and other apps that the automaker expects will help make life easier in cities. One of the most popular services is the My City Way mobile app, which BMW i Ventures has also invested in and provides users with info on parking availability, public transportation and local entertainment.