Forums are rarely the first avenue to official information from a carmaker, but leaks, on the other hand, they're well-known for. Such appears to be the case with the 2013 Camaro Dusk Special Edition, which has crossed onto the web without any official acknowledgement as yet.

For those with eidetic memory, the Camaro Dusk edition name may be familiar: it was a 2009 SEMA concept (which is the car shown above), built with similar modifications to those reported at Camaro5.

So what is this Dusk Special Edition all about? It's basically a remix of the RS Appearance package with 21-inch bright silver-painted alloy wheels, a new Blue Ray Metallic exterior paint job, and some Mojave leather interior bits with yellow stitching.

The price for this uncommon visual combo is $5,995, according to the source. The Dusk package is available on 2LT or 2SS Camaros, both coupe and convertible format, with either manual or automatic transmissions. That puts the price range of Dusk-equipped Camaros between about $35,000 and $48,000.

That's not cheap, but if the Camaro is your thing, and you want a slinky, low-key special edition, this might be your ticket. It's already available for ordering from your local dealer, but it will only be built from August through December.