Track days are growing in popularity worldwide, and there’s no shortage of track-only cars to choose from. If your budget is modest, a used-but-serviceable SCCA racer may suit your needs. If you’ve got more money to spend, cars like the Caterham 7, Ariel Atom or KTM X-Bow will provide years of enjoyment, assuming you don’t crash them.

If your budget is unlimited, there are two solid options we can think of. The first is Ferrari’s “Corse Clienti” program, which allows owners of track-centric Ferraris (like vintage F1 cars or the 599XX Evolution) to arrive and drive, while Ferrari handles the logistics of maintaining your car and shipping it to various tracks.

If you prefer British Formula cars over used Italian ones, Lotus may have just what you need in its Exos Type 125 track-day car. “Inspired” by Formula One racers, the Exos Type 125 boasts 640 horsepower in a package that tips the scales at just 1,232 pounds.

As you’d guess, mastering such a car takes practice, preferably under the watchful eye of an experienced (and patient) instructor. Filling that role for Lotus are retired F1 stars  Nigel Mansell and Jean Alesi, both of whom know a thing or two about going fast in an open wheel race car.

Lotus will only build some 25 Exos Type 125 track cars, at the rate of roughly 10 per year. The price of admission starts at a staggering $1 million, and we’re fairly certain that doesn’t include gratuities for Mansell and Alesi.

On the other hand, that’s cheaper than buying yourself a ride in Formula One, though the rarity of the Exos Type 125 means you’ll likely be the only owner on a track at any given time. If time attack is good enough to keep you amused, we’d be hard pressed to name a faster car.