Continuing his somewhat unlikely but nevertheless awesome partnership with Hot Wheels, Tanner Foust is preparing to do something even crazier than his life-sized toy car jump: a parallel double loop-the-loop.

Coming on the heels of Top Gear Live's successful sequential double loop-the-loop, the feat may seem a bit less awe-inspiring, but the teaser video has us thinking the comparison makes Foust's planned stunt look even more insane.

The largest double-loop ever, at six storeys high, will require 7 g of force as the car's centripetal force drives it around the inner surface of the double loop. To add to the excitement/danger/calls for mental evaluations, Foust will have to avoid the second car on the loop as it enters just after.

No word yet on who the second driver might be. Stay tuned for more as the attempt draws near, and be sure to turn on ABC or ESPN on June 30 at 11:20 a.m. Pacific time to see the stunt as it happens.