Kudos to Hyundai for putting a new twist on the "can a car outrun this object" theme by outrunning an arrow with a humble Genesis Coupe--but pardon us if we take a closer look at the physics of this video before we go all googly-eyed.

Most arrows from a typical modern compound bow will travel somewhere between 200 and 400 feet per second. That sounds quite fast--and, in truth, it is. An arrow traveling at 200 fps is traveling at about 136 mph--just 4 mph shy of the Genesis Coupe 2.0T's top speed, and 16 mph short of the V-6 model's limit.

What you see in the video, then, is a carefully controlled exhibition of that reality: physics doesn't lie, at least not when it comes to basics like this. With a flying start and a well-timed release of the arrow, the conclusion was foregone, as long as the bow's tension was properly calibrated.

On the other hand, you could see this as a skillful distortion of the possibilities: with a powerful hunting bow and arrow combination, even a delimited, modified Genesis Coupe (or even a Hennessey Venom GT) would be very hard pressed to keep up: 400 fps is the equivalent of 272.7 mph.

Now, show us a car out-accelerating an arrow, and we'll try not to let our jaws knock a hole in the floor.