Audi’s original A2 was a “supermini” five-door hatchback, produced from 1999 until 2005. Meant to combat the likes of the Mercedes-Benz A Class, sales of the A2 never lived up to Audi’s expectations.

Last year, Audi revealed a concept version of a modern A2, also in supermini form. Word was that Audi was even working on an electric version, ideal for urban-dwellers concerned about rising fuel prices.

As Autocar explains, the public has spoken, prompting Audi to reconsider the new A2’s size. Panned for having insufficient room in concept form, Audi will go back the drawing board and build the A2 on a larger version of Volkswagen’s MQB platform.

Expect the production version of the A2, due to hit the market in 2014, to be nearly 12 inches longer than last year’s A2 concept, as well as nearly 2.4 inches taller. That makes the A2 roughly the same size as a Volkswagen Golf, but still in between Audi’s A1 and A3 in size.

While an electric A2 isn’t completely off the table, don’t expect to see one on the road in the near future, as both Audi and BMW seem to have shifted focus away from electric vehicles. Look for the first A2 models to be powered by the buyer’s choice of gasoline or diesel engines.