If you simply can’t get enough of Top Gear, and happen to live in Europe, Russia, South Africa, Hong Kong or Australia, Top Gear Live gives fans a chance to see some of the shows staples (like the “Cool Wall” and exotic supercars) up close and personal.

Top Gear Live also brings fans Top Gear-style stunts, including a world record attempt double loop-the-loop called the “Deadly 720.” The never-before performed stunt will require the driver to execute a single 360-degree loop on a specially constructed track, followed immediately by a second 360-degree loop.

A specially-built buggy will be used for the attempt, fitted with hand controls for more precise throttle application under the anticipated G-loads. The buggy will also be equipped with a particularly stout roll cage, just in case things don’t go as planned.

How risky is the stunt? According to Top Gear Live’s calculations, entering either loop at two miles per hour below the threshold will cause the buggy to fall out of the loop, while carrying too much speed could potentially cause the driver to black out.

In the words of Top Gear Live’s creative director, Rowland French, “Adding the second loop... multiplies the danger by more than two and creates the very real possibility of the buggy falling out from the top of the second loop. There are absolutely no margins for error, which is probably why no one has ever been mad enough to try it before.”

Are French’s comments a bit heavy on the hype? Of course, because that’s how you sell tickets. We’re pretty certain that the stunt has been rehearsed enough times to know it won’t fail, but we’ll know for sure after this weekend’s Top Gear Live event in Durban, South Africa.