If you're jonesing for another dose of the goofy, sometimes hilarious, sometimes awful trio of Clarkson, May, and Hammond, you may have wait until 2013.

According to Final Gear, Clarkson recently told the South African radio show Ballz Visual Radio (seriously, that's what it's called) that Top Gear wouldn't be back this year--as Clarkson put it, "There's no Top Gear on this year." While that could be taken a number of ways, it seems to indicate the show won't return until 2013.

Whether that's due to the Summer Olympics in London, Clarkson's frequent foot-in-mouthery, or Top Gear's overall perception as an enclave of anti-environment/anti-nice/anti-good programming on the BBC isn't clear.

You can catch the phone interview with Clarkson in the video below, starting with the talk of Top Gear's non-return at 7:55.