Some recipes are so good that they cross cultural boundaries. Pillows of meat, encased in dough are called wontons in China, Maultasche in Germany (Schwabia, anyway) and ravioli in Italy.

While the sauces or broths used to cook them in may vary, the basic recipe is disturbingly similar. Such is the case with the newly announced Puritalia 427, which borrows a page from Carroll Shelby’s Cobra cookbook by stuffing a 427-cubic-inch V-8 engine into a lightweight, two-seat roadster.

The car will come to market in two variants, starting at 445 horsepower. Just in case that’s not enough to peg your personal puckerometer, a higher output version, packing 605 horsepower, is also planned.

Aside from that, and the teaser image you see above, details on the car are lacking. Puritalia promises to reveal the car in all its gape-mouth glory next month, and you can register your email on the Puritalia website to stay informed of its arrival.

We’ll admit to liking the concept, but launching a new sports car company these days is a gigantic roll of the dice. We wish Puritalia all the luck in the world, because in the current global economic climate, it’s likely to need it.