• Puritalia Berlinetta

    Niche Italian sports car marque Puritalia made a name for itself earlier this decade with the introduction of the 427 roadster, a lightweight sports car with a Ford V-8 that we imagine Carroll Shelby might have built had he grown up in the hills around Modena. Now Puritalia is back with a hard-top version of the 427, which the company aptly called the Berlinetta. It made its debut on Tuesday at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, where Puritalia announced that just 150 examples are destined for production with pricing starting at $625,000. This figure can easily expand though, as full...

  • Puritalia 427
    Puritalia reveals 427 roadster in production trim, teases new hybrid GT

    Over the past couple of years there have been quite a few entrants in the premium sports car scene. One that manages to stand out from the crowd is Puritalia’s 427 roadster, which was revealed in its final form at a special event in Milan last week. MUST SEE: 2016 Cadillac CTS-V...

  • Puritalia 427 roadster
    Puritalia 427 roadster edges closer to reality

    As sports car inspirations go, the Shelby Cobra must rank pretty highly. You've got great looks, awesome power and lashings of excitement, with that wind-in-the-hair feel thrown in for good measure. WATCH: Hennessey Chevrolet SS Hits 163 MPH On Texas Toll Road: Video It makes the Puritalia 427...

  • The Puritalia 427 roadster
    Puritalia 427, influenced by the Shelby Cobra, teased for July reveal

    Some recipes are so good that they cross cultural boundaries. Pillows of meat, encased in dough are called wontons in China, Maultasche in Germany (Schwabia, anyway) and ravioli in Italy. While the sauces or broths used to cook them in may vary, the basic recipe is disturbingly similar. Such is the...

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