Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Last August we brought you news of a dust-shrouded, incredibly pitiful Ferrari Enzo (amongst a small fleet of other luxury vehicles) that had been apparently abandoned somewhere in Dubai. Then this week, word broke that the Enzo was set to be auctioned by the Dubai police. It turns out that's not the case.

According to Emirates 24/7, the Dubai Police says the car was seized as evidence in a crime (in this case, theft) and as such, will not be disposed--by sale or otherwise. In fact, Interpol requires the Enzo and one other Ferrari to be held for their purposes--though the real owner of the car may yet get it back.

We can understand that--but what we can't understand is how the Dubai Police and/or Interpol justify storing the Enzo out in such harsh conditions, exposing the once-valuable car to so much deterioration--and depreciation.

It also turns out that the car wasn't actually abandoned at all--the photo of the dust-covered Enzo comes straight from the premises of the Dubai Police impound lot. Yep, that's just how  they do it there. On the other hand, the Enzo sort of has been abandoned: the rightful owner could ostensibly retrieve it at any time, but hasn't, for more than eight months. Makes you wonder if the owner is still alive, no?

What a shame, all around.