Ferrari Enzo

  • Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

    Last August we brought you news of a dust-shrouded, incredibly pitiful Ferrari Enzo (amongst a small fleet of other luxury vehicles) that had been apparently abandoned somewhere in Dubai. Then this week, word broke that the Enzo was set to be auctioned by the Dubai police. It turns out that's not the case. According to Emirates 24/7, the Dubai Police says the car was seized as evidence in a crime (in this case, theft) and as such, will not be disposed--by sale or otherwise. In fact, Interpol requires the Enzo and one other Ferrari to be held for their purposes--though the real owner of the...

  • Ferrari Enzo
    Enzo Replacement Will Become The Most Powerful Ferrari Ever...Next Winter

    The Ferrari F70 - the fastest, most powerful Ferrari road car ever - will debut in early 2013.

  • Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari Enzo Replacement Rumors Rise Again: 920 HP On Tap?

    We've been tracing the development of Maranello's next hypercar for years now, with spy shots of the car--in prototype development mule form--dating back to 2008. We've also known for a while now that the next Enzo would sport hybrid drive, likely an offshoot of the HY-KERS technology shown on the...

  • Silverlit Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari Enzo Toy Car Now Under iPhone App Control

    Don't say we didn't call it. The old-school radio control handset is dead. Back in March we showed a Mini Cooper radio control car being directed via smartphone. Since then we've seen smartphone apps used to control all manner of other objects, and the culmination of these advancements is in one of...

  • 2012 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti replacement spy shot
    Ferrari CEO Discusses Future GT Cars

    An interview with Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa reveals the rough timelines for the next generation of Ferrari's GT cars.

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