Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Remember this poor Jaguar XJ220 found abandoned in the Qatari desert? Now we have an image of something even sadder: a Ferrari Enzo left to rot in Dubai.

The supercar is just another victim among possibly thousands of luxurious and rare cars abandoned in the Middle East, mostly by expatriates returning home after failed business ventures or real estate deals gone sour.

It was spotted in a police impound, which means it’s likely to be auctioned off. But in a region where thermometer readings can easily--and often do--exceed 115 degrees F, there’s a very good chance that much of the car could be severely damaged.

With only 399 Enzos officially sold to the public, and a number already gone due to the careless action of their owners, plus now this example abandoned in Dubai, it’s safe to say that getting your hands on a pristine Ferrari Enzo will soon be next to impossible.

Pricing for the car can easily reach more than a $1 million, that is, if you can even find one up for sale.

We just hope other Enzo owners look after their cars better than this one.

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