Another Ferrari Enzo was involved in a serious accident, this time killing 64-year old driver Gary Irwin Eisenberg when it collided head-on with a tree and caught on fire. The crash occurred on a road not too far from Eisenberg’s home in Monterey, California. He was driving his 2003 Ferrari Enzo when it struck a tree while trying to make a right turn, authorities said.

Mysteriously, the scene of the crash revealed no tell-tale signs of a car losing control. Apart from some charred debris from the burning wreckage, nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. There were apparently no marks on the road, skids, or even scrapes up the side of the curb.

Eisenberg was a huge car fan with a special love for Ferraris. He was described as a 'down to earth guy who was always friendly' by members of a Ferrari Internet chat forum. The man was indeed a true enthusiast who was not afraid to drive and enjoy his cars. Gary Eisenberg is survived by his wife and two children.

This is the just another incident in a string of recent Enzo crashes, which include an accident in Utah involving Richard Losee, who came away with only a few fractured bones, as well as a crash in South Korea detailed in this report from Bilfeber and of course the famous Eddie Griffin crash. However, the most infamous has got to be the drag race crash involving Swedish fraudster Stefan Eriksson.