Way back in 2011, we caught wind of the sad state of one of the world's greatest supercars.

A Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] Enzo was snapped sitting in a police impound lot in the Dubai desert. The car was covered in sand. A sad sight of such a supercar, and one that hasn't changed very much over the course of the last few years. That car is still sitting in impound.

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Thankfully, according to local news outlet 7Days, the situation for the car has improved a tiny bit. It's been moved inside a warehouse for safe storage, rather than left to rot under the hot sun of the Middle East. Still, the car hasn't been claimed by the person who left it behind in a hurry. Instead, it's being claimed by a number of parties, and that's the reason why it sits in limbo.

There have been plenty of offers by interested groups looking to purchase the car, but the police can't move on those offers. Accordind to Interpol, this Enzo was either stolen or purchased using stolen assets. So it's part of an investigation as well as the top prize in a legal dispute over its rightful ownership.

So it remains forever parked. One of just 399 Enzos originally produced by Ferrari, and the number of the cars left in a happy state has dwindled over the years. This particular Enzo isn't for sale. It isn't going to enjoy the road anytime soon either. It remains still, silent and... sad.


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