The official reveal of the 2013 SRT Viper happens in just 50 hours, at noon on Wednesday, but SRT is giving us one more teaser to hold us until the official unveiling.

Earlier teasers have shown us the new Viper’s headlights, a vent and a brief glimpse into the interior. We’re intrigued by what we’ve seen so far, and have a feeling that the new Viper will be much more refined than the model it replaces.

The new image gives the best view of the car to date. It shows strong hood lines and deep, sculpted vents, giving the new Viper a very serpentine appearance. The double-bubble roof is back, giving a nod to the last Viper Coupe, too.

Is it us, or does the new Viper look just a bit... Italian? Is there perhaps a bit of Ferrari or Alfa Romeo DNA injected into the new Viper?

We'll bring you live images of the Dodge Viper reveal on Wednesday, as part of our comprehensive New York Auto Show coverage.