As anyone who’s ever had a loved one with cancer knows, fighting the disease often takes all the strength a patient can muster. For those with large and supportive families, getting to and from treatment may not pose a challenge.

Many cancer patients aren’t this lucky, and are forced to rely on public transportation to get to and from treatments. As GT Spirit tells us, Ken Adams, a cancer survivor and lifelong car fan, decided to do something about this.

Adams created an organization called Your Ride Is Here (YRIH) to transport needy patients to and from treatments using exotic cars, sports cars, ultra-luxury cars or classic muscle cars. The ride to and from treatment gives cancer patients something to look forward to, and in some cases may even help with recovery.

One young patient was given an offer he couldn’t refuse: get better, and get a ride in a Ferrari Enzo. As the patient, Joel Shorman, explains in the video, the offer was a “light at the end of the tunnel” for him.

While the group receives the most attention with its exotic and luxury cars, anyone with reliable transportation and a flexible schedule is welcome to join and assist in getting patients to treatment centers.

Missing a treatment can reduce the potential cure rate by as much as 20-percent, which makes the group’s work that much more critical. If you’d like to find out more, you can get complete information on the Your Ride Is Here website.