Jürgen Ulmer is a daring man. He takes vintage Ferrari bodies, attacks them with a cutoff wheel and a torch, and ends up with what he calls art. Some might call it heresy.

Ulmer's Ferrari Project is simply named, but much more difficult to decipher. The German artist says he only uses bodies already removed from their original underpinnings by their owners--often to re-body them with replica bodies of more exclusive models.

As Ralf Becker (via AutoWeek) puts it, "But what made me sit up was the fact Jürgen selected Ferrari for his destructive art. This was different. And courageous. Not a tail finned Detroit Iron which you can buy for a handful of bucks. Or a MINI. Or Benzo. Chosing an Italien beauty was new."

Courageous indeed. We're divided in our thoughts on the matter, having lusted after many a long-hooded front-engine Ferrari in our time. While the end product is indeed beautiful, the process to render it yields the original forever gone from the realm of functional, fast, fantastic Ferrarihood.

What do you think?