Following a recent spate of high-profile crashes involving supercars and luxury sedans in China, a local bus company has launched a new campaign aimed at getting its drivers to be more cautious when the pricey cars are around.  

Pictured above is part of a poster used by the company to inform its drivers of the types of cars to be careful around.

The posters provide information helping the drivers identify badges on expensive automobiles, which is important, reports CarNewsChina, as many of them won't know the difference between a BYD and a Bugatti.

The posters include the usual suspects, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, but interestingly, America’s own SSC is mentioned despite the company not officially selling any cars in China yet.

Crashes, like a recent one between a taxi and a Ferrari F430, also highlight the need for such campaigns. It’s not uncommon for insurance firms in China's nascent market to only provide a maximum payout of around $32,000 for commercial drivers, a figure far short of the repair bills required for some of the exotics they may end up hitting.