We’ve tried without success to get our network administrators to block Bring A Trailer. Sure, it’s one of our favorite sites to browse, but nothing good ever comes from finding cars we want but can’t have.

Take this 1982 Morgan Plus 8, for example. Located in Austin Texas, this 8,500 mile roadster is currently for sale on eBay, but the starting bid of $50,000 is roughly $49,995 beyond our means. That minor detail aside, we’d like to point out that this particular example is both turbocharged and propane powered, too.

Propane is a very good alternative to gasoline, as it’s less expensive per gallon and has an octane rating between 100 and 110. When used with forced induction, fairly high levels of boost can be run without worrying about detonation, which should make this particular Plus 8 highly entertaining.

The car for sale isn’t some kind of backyard, Dr. Frankenstein conversion, either. It was switched at the time of importation by Isis Imports, the U.S. Morgan dealer since 1968. From 1974 through 1992, all Morgans sold in the United States were converted to run on propane, since their Rover-supplied engines didn’t meet U.S. emissions standards.

More power, lower operating cost and lower emissions makes Morgan roadsters from this period particularly appealing to us. One of these days we’ll find a propane-powered, turbocharged Plus 8 in our budget, but until then we’ll just keep searching Bring A Trailer. Until our IT guys block the site, that is.