Bristol Cars is a manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars based in Filton, near Bristol in the U.K. Their annual output is less than 150 cars per year, but the company has made some fiery models in its past, which includes its Fighter supercar. First released back in 2004, the Fighter is powered by an 8.0L V10 sourced from the Dodge Viper, which is in keeping with Bristol’s tradition of using engines sourced from Chrysler.

Bristol has added a pair of turbochargers to the V10 coupe, and it now develops 1012hp and 1400Nm of torque (up from 660hp). Thanks to its drag coefficient of 0.28Cd, the company claims that the slippery gull-wing coupe can reach a top speed of 435km/h. However, the car’s speed has been electronically limited to 362km/h, so we find the claims a little hard to swallow. Still, a 0-100km/h of less than 3.5 seconds is very impressive.


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